You can play Runescape Classic on Android

You need to be of a particular age to remember Runescape Classic. To give you perspective, that has been the online multiplayer game everybody was enjoying while World of Warcraft was still a twinkle in its own mother’s eye.

Surprisingly, it is still operating in a completely new variant that Jagex proceeds to upgrade. But that is of no interest to us. We are here to speak about Runescape Classic, a variant of your favorite browser MMO which you may play on Android right now.

We must point out that this variant of Runescape Classic isn’t a official Jagex product. Rather, it’s a RSPS run by an independent programmer.

To play with it, just go over to the official website, download the APK, and put in it. That’s it — you are good to go and relive the glory days.

Runescape Classic
Since this is Runescape in its own originalform. You know, the one that you played in your browser at the early noughties.

We envision the appeal is mainly for people who did precisely that, but if you are curious Runescape is a massively multiplayer game. You make a character and continue to live another life in a dream kingdom.

And also you can do pretty much whatever you would like to. Craft, cook, fight monsters, annoy fellow gamers — the world’s your oyster.

There is all the normal RPG stuff. Amount up, equip loot, battle other players in PvP. That manners especially fun here however, since you’re able to steal things from any gamers you kill from the wilderness.

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