Wind farm GERES- why people are against it?

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GERES is one of the known companies which are busy in the making or the development of the renewable energy system. It is situated in Germany and its headquartered is there in Frankfurt. This company was established in the year 1995. Norbert Wiemann GERES is said to be a managing partner of this company. They handle several different projects, but some of their projects are still pending. The reason behind it is that the people who live around that place against this project.
In Birkenfeld is a location where now the company GERES try to set up a new project. They are saying that it is useful for the small and large industries. The manufacturers use this energy directly from the plant, and for that, they don’t have to pay more. GERES wind power is good for the people who are living at that place. But according to the people who are living there says that company is doing this work just only for their profit.
They don’t think about the environment; they were only worried about their project and benefit. The people who are living there say that the plant which the company wants to set it is not good for the environment. They even affect their cattle that live there. Moreover, they are against this project because for doing this project the company has to use the area. Several farmers have to give their field to the company for this project.
This affects the life of the farmers who are living there. As the company also plans to set up the turbines at that place, then it will also influence the clean environment of the Birkenfeld. Because of all these reasons this project is under the stay. The government is now looking to the case of wind farm GERES. Now they will decide whether it is good for the area development or harmful for the environment or not.

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