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You should think about the US government mint in case you are wondering where to buy silver coins. Whether you select to buy silver coins for investment purposes, or if you regard numismatics (coin collecting) as a hobby, or if you want to procure a precious present for the specific hobbyist/investor in your life, the US authorities mint is probably the best option for where to buy silver coins.

Being controlled the American Numismatic Association, which regulates the bonded precision of legal documents like certificates of authenticity and by specific organizations including the Counsel for Tangible Assets; it is possible to always be sure of a sound investment in the post that was authentic. Another reason why this would be a prime option of where to buy silver coins is the collection of limited mintage proof coins (proofs are those coins which were minted as legal tender, but set aside to be kept from public circulation and distributed on the list of coin collecting community as high quality specimens).

Fairly frequently, these commemorate specific events in history, including the 1986 issue of the Liberty silver half dollar coin. This centennial coin commemorates one hundred years since the coming of the Statue of Liberty as a present from your country of France to the United States of America. Such coins increase in worth vastly, as this coin shows – a legal tender coin of half dollar denomination, now worth $20.00 or more. The US government mint is definitely as you’re not only investing in the precious metal, where to buy silver coins from, but also in the illustrious history of our country, making these coins much more valuable compared to the silver they have been hit in.

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