What is daas and what are the Advantages?

The desktop as a service or DaaS, in short, is a cloud service. DaaS is using the back-end of a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that is mainly hosted by a cloud service provider.

The desktop as a service is a good alternative for a small or medium enterprise (SME) that wants to offer its end users the advantages of offering a virtual desktop infrastructure but finds that the implementation of an internal VDI is a cost prohibitive in terms of budget and staffing.

There are five key advantages that daas providers can share with their customers:
• Payment for use: Clients pay for the services they consume, being able to expand and reduce them according to their needs. It is a recurring business model that allows partners to grow and improve their profitability.
• Compatible with BYOD environments: DaaS complements employees who use their own devices to work, by allowing them to access their work through any browser and any device.
• It promotes mobility: With the rise of geographically diverse workplaces, DaaS is perfect for teleworkers and remote employees who usually have to access their workstation from multiple devices. A key advantage of DaaS is the ability to provide a consistent user experience from any device, regardless of brand.
• Insurance: Because the data resides in the cloud and not in individual devices, customer data and intellectual property are safe from theft and poor security practices.
• Affordable: DaaS is easy to deploy and can be done with minimal hardware expense. More and more clients are using a thin client-type workplace.

Now, as you know that daas is actually a very cost-effective way to access the desktops anytime you want, you can look for a suitable model plan according to your requirements. Thus, with the minimum investment, you can get complete hosting solutions from a professional daas service provider!

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