What are the different types of ices that can be made using icemakers?

Did you know that there are different types of icemakers that are available in the market and one of them is the best sonic ice machine ? The icemaker that you buy would completely depend on the type of ice you would like to have.
The two different kinds of ice that is made using icemaker are clear ice and cloudy ice and a perfecticemaker would be able to deliver the best results as per your need and requirement.

Ice would certainly be clear when it’s made using clear and pure water. You should always remember that the clarity of ice is completely based on the water you use. Clearer the water, clarity of the ice would be great. Clear water would only have hydrogen and oxygen and nothing else.
Once the ice solidifies, the clarity remains only if the water is clear else, the ice block would have some color in it and it wouldn’t look fresh.
The main reason for the ice to maintain its clarity is the metal plate that would be in the perfecticemaker which would deliver an amazing result when the ice comes out in a solid state.
When you have visitors at home, it becomes vital that you serve them beverages with great looking clear ice cubes. The ice cubes from the icemaker would look fresh and best when they are added in the cocktails or mock tails.
The clarity of ice becomes bad when it’s made with tap water because water that runs from the tap would be contaminated and the color may change making the ice cubes cloudy when you take them out of the icemaker.
Salt, calcium, fluoride, nitrates, chloramines and other microorganisms would also be part of the tap water hence; it becomes very important to check the kind of water used to make ice.

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