Wanna get stylish?? Go for Ear Gauges

If plugs and tunnels are what you’re searching, you need to check out our collection of gauge earrings. SoScene.com has a unique assortment of ear plugs, tunnels and more. Adorn your ears with the finest ear gauges from SoScene.com.

These days glass ear gauges are getting popular in the fashion industry. Glass ear gauges are a healthy piece of jewelry for your lobes. Glass ear gauges are a bold and stylish way to express your individuality. Our company offers glass ear gauges at attractive prices. Some of the different kinds of glass ear gauge offered by company includes:

• Hand Made Pyrex Glass Spiral Ear Gauges: These gauges are handmade and sold in pair. These Ear Gauges may be Black and White Striped, Multi-Color Striped, Clear or Teal. The size for such glass spiral ear gauge ranges till 14mm.Customers can buy in pair at a price of $7.99 after discount. Pattern and color may vary to the nature of the glass.
• Dichroic Glass Green Sea ear spiral taper hangers: These dichroic spiral taper plugs are a pure work of art for your ears. Made from hand-blown glass, they are designed to catch the light and made a truly stunning addition to your plug collection. These are sold as a pair. It comes in sea green color which adds natural beauty to the taper. The size ranges from 6MM to 12MM and can be availed at an attractive price of $14.99.
• Keyhole Shaped Hangers Opalite Glass Plugs: These glass plugs are shaped in the form of a keyhole which adds a unique feature to this glass plug and sold in pairs. The company offers such glass plugs at a price of $14.99 with various size availability.
Therefore,Ear Gauging adds beauty to one’s own body and is in high demand in youngsters.

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