The reason why bundesliga is so popular

When you see a child that has just started to play with toys you will notice that they like to play with ball the most. The rolling nature of the ball attracts them the most. They want to explore it and probably this need of exploration is what made the people from ancient times like the games associated with ball.

The most popular ball-game
One of the most revered sports of the present times is fussball (Soccer). This sport is loved by people from all over the world. There could be a different game that is like by the people of a particular country but you will also find ardent followers of football there. The sport owes its popularity to the efforts made by the various organizations such as bundesliga football.
What is bundesliga about?
Bundesliga fussball is the football league of Germany and it is the primary league. The champions of football in Germany are decided by this league. The format of the league has been changed several times to reach the present state. Today there are 18 teams that play in this league and the first three teams are allowed to go for the European championship. The last two teams of the league are relegated to the 2. Bundesliga and are replaced by the top two teams from 2. Bundesliga.

This league starts in the month of August and continues for rest of the year to end in the month of May next year. However, there is a break of six weeks for winters and that falls in the months of December and January.
The league is telecasted to around 200 countries of the world and that has made this league popular all around the world. The popularity of the league is also because of their management and their dedication towards football.

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