The plea of people working in bars

We all are part of that generation who loves to say the term let’s party. There is about nothing wrong in that. We should all enjoy ourselves from time to time in order become a little stress free and forget our problems. For a place to party we usually go to a bar. Now rather than seeing a bar from your point of view you must try seeing it from the point of view of the employees who are working there. Imagine yourself serving to a group of people from time to time who are there to party whereas you are just there to serve the drinks that you also want to drink.

Now don’t forget the bartender who is supposed to make your drink just the perfect amount without even tasting it to confirm if he has made a good drink or not. Just like other humans they can’t resist the temptation of not drinking either. For all you know they are having one drink of their own by the time you have finished three drinks. The thing about you going to a bar is that you go there after a period of time but they are supposed to go to the same place every day and be there for a period of nine hours or more.

Overtime they consumer so much of alcohol that it kind of becomes a part of their system where they need a sip of a drink every now and then. That is the point where case management is required the most. You need to get them a recovery coach who teaches them about sober living. Many people who think the same way always claim that it is the responsibility of the employer to take care of his employees.

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