The importance of conservation of political cartoons

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Not long before, a politician did not have to worry about what it was about them in the newspaper. Things have now drastically changed with the onset of political cartoons . These cartoons have completely changed the scenario in which a politician can be charged or accused indirectly. The visual presentation is becoming one of the most powerful tools for spreading awareness over the last two decades with the audiences being more inclined towards pictorial depictions as compared to lengthy and abstract columns.

Effectiveness of political cartoons
Political cartoons may seem like an oversimplification of some grave political and social issues, but there are many who are drawn to work this sophisticated form of graphical art. Political cartoons date back to around 18th century in the United States. With the help of these cartoons, we can understand the political scenario during that time.
Many graphic artists have taken up some critical political issues and express them in their own trivial fashion like drawing cartoons to express the graphic humor of that particular generation. Nowadays, political cartoons are awarded some of the most prestigious and highly coveted awards in journalism like the Pulitzer Prize. Cartoons have the ability to have the ability to depict why a certain thing happened as compared to photographs which can only show you what happened at that time.
For this particular reason, sports cartoons have never captured the stage because there is no why in the outcome of sports. While most of the news is passively consumed by us daily, we always have a tendency of criticizing and questioning news related to politics.
Final verdict
Political cartoons an important role in shaping the political views of the cartoonists as well as depicting the current political scenario at the time.

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