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Yacht named Germania Nova is used as yachts for sale which is designed as a true reproduction of the racing vessel. It is used for modern navigation, communication, hydraulic sail handling and many more. It has taken a survey of five years which is completed in June 2016. It got certified commercially by GERMANISHCHER L LOYD 100 A5 and LY2. In this yacht near about 10 peoples can sleep comfortably because there are owner’s cabin and guests cabin because this is a deckhouse ship which is used for serving whenever needed. In early time yatch got booked for 90 days in a year.

Yachts are made with a watertight body that is called ‘Hull’. And lightweight materials are used which never convey a traditional appearance, she has 1300 to 2383 sq. meters of sails. Germania Nova has highly polished bronze, silver-grey teak, satin-like stainless steel etc. It has all the modern facilities on board that is the latest equipment in yacht, and if there is any windless duration then there is a noiseless engine is used to control. In yacht, there is an anchor where there are many varieties of sports activities like- diving, fishing, wakeboarding etc. and all the guest can enjoy the experience of yacht in the sea.

This luxurious masterpiece comprise of the interior which have a king-sized bedroom with all the hi-tech facilities available like I-pod charging, Wi-Fi and an air conditional room . All cabins have individual air conditioner room systems, well-equipped bookrack, and make-up mirrors.

There a very experienced chef well-known experts in a cuisine who is also excellent at traditional French and German cook.

Basically this yacht is used for long distance sailing. This is called as a mega yachtsbecause there are many facilities are provided in Germania Nova.

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