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Facebook Lite Is Popular With Mobile Users

Facebook lite app provides some unique features making it better to use on slow internet connections
Facebook Lite, a lighter and data friendly version of this Facebook App for smart phones, has now clocked 200 million consumers a month. The App was started in 2015 for consumers in developing nations like India where internet speed was largely inconsistent.

The old Facebook App, which appreciates a bigger consumer base of 1.18 billion per day busy users, not just saps more mobile data, however drains a phone’s battery quicker.
In the previous two years, broadband rates in India have improved substantially but the internet link in regions having higher tele-density still remains patchy.
The gap between both social media apps was rather crude initially but with the inclusion of new attributes to Facebook Lite over the years has made it likable in lots of ways.
Video streaming made simple
To maintain the things easy, Facebook had left out the movie streaming alternative from the earlier version of Lite. The attribute has been recently added and it lets users play any movie shared with their friends just as they do at the native App. Unlike the native App, the Lite App indicates the amount of data users is going to expend on streaming a movie in the start itself.
Constructed in conversation
The choice to talk to friends on Facebook Lite is enabled inside the App. Unlike, the native App where usage is expected to download another source intensive App called the Facebook Messenger that takes up another 150 MB of storage.
The chat page at Facebook Lite is highlighted at the peak of the main page.
As you overlook cool features like locate nearby friends in Facebook lite app, and then you’ll have access to important features like group chats along with green decal to recognize busy pals.