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Available app markets to download whatsapp

Whatsapp is a social media app, which can be downloaded in all phones like iPhone, android, windows, blackberry etc. Whatsapp can be accessed when you have 2G,3G,4G internet access or Wi-Fi connection. You can use it to receive and send messages and also to make calls. In few seconds, you can download the whatsapp plus from www.installwasapplus.com/ easily.

Whatsapp can be downloaded from different app markets like from google play store app in android, from istore and from app store in windows. Most commonly whatsapp is downloaded from the site www.installwasapplus.com/

How to use whatsapp on iPad?

Whatsapp is not available on iPad. But with connection of iPhone to the iPad one can link and use whatsapp on iPad. We have two methods to use the whatsapp app on iPad. The first one is safari and another one is third party app on the app store.

• How to access the whatsapp with safari option?

o Open safari on the iPad and head to web.whatsapp.com. After loading, it will take you to whatsapp home page.

o Click on the URL and swipe to access the top drawer. After that it will show the option to load desktop site. You can click on that option.

o Page will reload and after that will ask QR code to connect with iPhone.

o After connecting you can use whatsapp on your iPad.

• How to access the whatsapp with third party whatsapp web app?

o User of third party whatsapp web app will cost you. Third party whatsapp offer you notifications and more but at some cost of course.

How to use the whatsapp on PC?

• You have to download the thin blue stack app player called as android emulator.

• To install thin blue stack app player, click on start to download on PC, and wait for the completion of the download.

• After completing the download, install it. Click on the whatsapp.

• After opening, agree and click continue.

• Enter verification code and continue to use whatsapp on PC.