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Don’t Waste Your Money On A Useless Machine, Instead Craft Your Own DIY Candy Dispenser!

It is always fun and hypnotising to watch something get dispensed. Well that includes a whole bunch of candies that you can get dispensed whenever you want to eat them. So, wengie has made a video showing how to make a DIY gumball machine all at your home. A large piece of cardboard, a jar of any size but a cylindrical shaped jar is recommended for the best result. Wengie used a cylindrical Nutella jar that has a diameter of 8.5 cm. A hot glue, a skewer, bottle cap and also if masking tapes and spray paints are optional to only achieve the better look of a gumball machine in which Wengie used a bright yellow spray paint.

If you have all the materials ready all that is left is to craft them! Start the crafting process by first cutting the large price of cardboard into the template shown on Wengie’s tutorial video. It might be a good idea to scale the measurement to the size of your jar to achieve the best fitting candy machine. Next cut the rectangular motif in both of the cardboard pieces. The trace the motif on the lid of the jar and cut them also. After that, stick a skewer to the side of the cardboard and make sure that it is centred. Secure the skewer in place by hot glue. Let the glue to dry then cut both ends of the skewer. As hard as it seems to be don’t worry you are halfway there. Place a string and then hot glue a bottle cap at another end.

Start decorating your DIY Candy Dispenser by painting them and spraying them. Let the paint to dry then fold the board around the lid into 3 sections and hot glue them leaving one section opened for you to take out the dispensed gumball. Next take the smaller price and hot glue them parallel or just above the jar. Wengie used a soldering tip iron to melt the top end of the gumball machine but doing so is not suggested because it can burn your hands.

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