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Seated e-scooter- Speed Mini 5

At Mobot, you can get best seated escooter for your daily life at an affordable price. The speciality our website is we give free business day delivery for all electric scooter within Singapore. Cash on delivery is also available. We contact you as your confirmation of the order is placed by email and our team keeps a contact in the delivery is done. We give Quality Services hearing all electric scooters pre-assembled and tested before delivery. For international delivery cash on delivery is not available. It will take 2 to 3 working days to process and update the tracking number as soon as possible. On the website all the sea related to the scooter is available with proper videos and images for representation. thus, you can purchase the best suitable for you.

Speed mini 5 is a seated electric scooter made such that you can carry it at any public place where ever you want. Foldable features and the size and weight are so compact that it makes it easy to carry it even in bus or train. thus, no problem arises during the public transportation.

It comes in black colour and cost at $899.25 to 35 km 10 AH. The maximum load 120 kg. The 8 inches pneumatic tyre for front and rear gives a good grip. The finger throttle and front and rear spring suspension helps the handling to be easy.

There is no built-in seat available making it electric scooter with seat. LED display allows you to keep a check on the rate of speed. The design origin comes from China it has a LTA standard spring Singapore safety mark, providing all the safety security features that is necessary. Is around 3 to 5 hours.

Quality of the product is not compromised and it is properly made. Handle and flexible to use is the feature of theseated e-scooter. And proper maintenance makes our services nice.

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Consult the specialist while having electric scooter

There are many people who search for a perfect electric scooter online and offline. But they often end up getting confused. They won’t find a proper way to get the best scooter. They are often not clear about their requirements and the respective features required in order meeting their requirements. Therefore, they need special guides and specialists in order to help them in making a choice of having a perfect and the most suitable scooter. These guides and specialists will let them choose the most favourable option for them.

Now you might question that what special role does the specialist play in our lives when a perfect electric scooter is to be chosen? So, to answer that there are certain points that show the importance of having an advice from these specialists. They are discussed as follows:

• They will guide you regarding the maintenance, features and benefits of having a particular scooter.

• They will help you to find out which scooter is not perfect for you.

• You can take their advice regarding the comparison of different features provided by different brands.

So, it is just guidance to you and the best help for you. The help on which you can rely, the help on which you can trust and the help that can save you from being trapped. So, why to miss a chance of having a proper guidance when you can have that? Therefore, be ready to choose the site that can be helpful to you in terms of providing the actual guidance. You can read their reviews of different specialists on the sites. But it is quite reasonable to say that only official sites provide the specialists guides and their guidance. Therefore, making the choice of site is important here also.

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