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Florida, also known as the ‘sunshine state’ will never disappoint you when it comes to beaches. It has a coastline of 1,200 miles.

Siesta Beach
The beach is located on Siesta key in the U.S. state of Florida The sand is white and feels soft on the feet. One of the finest that you will ever lay your eyes upon.
Siesta beach is the most beautiful in the world. Siesta gets its sand from Appalachian mountains which directly comes flowing down the rivers and finally gets deposited on the shores. The beach has a crescent-shaped beach in the middle which attracts lots of couples. It cast a romantic charm which becomes hard to resist. Apart from this it also has a good space for families, the cozy cottages to spend time relaxing and rejuvenating.
The waters are shallow and deep so the beach insurance agency and lifeguards offer safety while visiting. You can hire a glass bottom kayak and splash in waves. Also has many kinds of water sports.

Daytona Beach
If you are a true fan of surfing, Daytona Beach is the perfect spot to fulfil your desires. Daytona Beach is a mainstream city of the Fun Coast region of Florida. It is also referred as “The spring break capital of the World”. It has a 37 km stretch of white sand. The sand is hard here, so in selected areas cars are allowed to drive during daylight.

The beach has a current which is not safe. Fair warnings should be watched out and the car-drive-sections when visiting with children. For all the losses there while travelling is covered by beach insurance agency.

The beach is a top destination for relaxing. Long walks along the coastline, restaurants along highway A1A, museum and a lot more is enough to keep visitors occupied.

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