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Extraordinary life of Professor Nobles

If you think that superheroes don’t exist in real world, think again. Professor Dr. Anthony Nobles is a man that shows much resemblance to the Marvel’s Comics character Tony Stark or Iron Man. The reason is that like Tony Stark, Anthony Nobles is also a firm inventor, innovator, highly esteemed entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Like the Marvel’s superhero, Professor Anthony Nobles like to design and invent new technologies and like to race in Formula One. A man of great skill and knowledge, every single day in his life is a race.

In terms of academics, Professor Anthony Nobles has two Ph.D. degrees, one in Biomedical Engineering in Neuroscience from Redding and the other in Cardiovascular Science from Glendale University. He has also started and owned 28+ companies in medical engineering, financing, real estate, electronics and automotive industry. The expertise of Professor nobles is mainly focused on medical devices and equipment. The others qualities were acquired for the promotion of his products and inventions.
Shifting the focus from the commerce, Professor Nobles is a great teacher and educator. He teaches students at various universities around the world on the topic of biomedical engineering, in which he has two doctorates. Moreover, he has also participated in various medical professionals meet around the world, discussing the scope of devices in future medical treatments. The devices invented by Professor Tony Nobles are marketed by many of the world’s top manufacturers.
Professor Nobles also has an interest in Formula One racing and has often participated in them like Tony Stark. Much of his achievements are also in the automotive industry where he worked on improving formula one car. He is crazy about cars and that can be when he built an auto museum for this vintage car collection. There are over 105 vintage cars in the collection, including some legendary F1 cars and 38 Ferraris. An annual Halloween event on Halloween is also held to make the day memorable for everyone, especially kids.

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