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Diagnosis and treatment for peripheral neuropathy (neuropatia)

Often physicians, who suspect the patient to be having some form of peripheral neuropathy, usually refer such cases to a neurologist. Neurologist is a doctor specialized in the diseases related to human nerves. A neurologist usually starts his case study by understanding your medical history and your symptoms. He will also examine your numbness in the hands (dormencia nas mãos), muscle weakness, impaired reflexes etc.

He may also ask for blood or urine tests to understand your sugar levels in the blood. He will also try to examine whether you are a diabetic patient or whether you have metabolic or vitamin deficiencies. He will also try to examine whether any underlying diseases are responsible for the defect noticed in the nerve functioning. He will consider the alcoholic intake of the patient and the medications that you are taking at present. He may ask you to undergo an electromyogram and NCV tests, which are used, for assessing the functionality of the muscles and to understand the electrical properties shown by your nerves. With the help of the above-mentioned tests doctors are often capable of pinpointing the reasons for the abnormal functioning of the nerves and to understand which part of the nerve is damaged.
Sometimes the above tests and procedures may be not enough to clearly understand the type of the tingling in the hand (formigamento nas mãos) or the extent of the damages caused. In such cases doctors may often suggest for muscle biopsies, which can provide valuable information about the cause and type of the neuropathy (neuropatia). In some cases the doctors may also suggest lumbar puncture or spinal tap to identify the inflammation or infection associated with the peripheral neuropathy notices.
If any members of your family or any of your friends have been diagnosed or has symptoms similar to that of peripheral neuropathy, your doctor may ask you to show the medical records of your family members also to examine the possibility of hereditary influence in the formation of peripheral neuropathy.

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