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All you wanted to know about different aspects of Japanese porn

Popularity of Japanese porn
japanese porn is in high demand worldwide. Most of the porn actresses or women are considered to be cute and beautiful. Moreover, their natural figures are an attraction to many people out there. As per the Japanese law, any lawfully produced porn movie, clip or video is required to be properly censored before release. Censoring means nothing but blurring the genitals of male and female performers.

Strictness of making porn
• As per the articles 175 of Criminal Code of Japan, if people distribute or sell any kind of obscene materials are supposed to be punished by imprisonment or fines. This speaks volumes about the strictness of making porn and releasing it.

• JAV or Japanese Adult Videos are popular worldwide for various reasons. The first reason is Japanese girls being cute and natural. Most of the Japanese porn actresses have natural boobs and it is a major reason for the ever-growing popularity of Japanese porn. On the other hand, the cuteness of Japanese actresses is also another factor for the porn industry being quite popular around the world.

Shortage of male performers
As per the reports, there is a shortage of male performers in Japanese porn industry. There are approximately 70+ male performers working in the whole Japanese porn industry against few hundreds of female performers. It has been speculated that in the future there will surely be a huge lack of male performers in the industry which may affect the porn industry heavily.

There are numerous websites where anybody is allowed to get free JAV as per their preferences and choices. There are different categories of videos available for the different choices of viewers. Each category is known to be quite unique and distinct compared to other categories. Some categories are more popular whereas some categories are less popular. You are supposed to access the categories that you prefer most. Everybody has their own favorite category.

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