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Know the Various Types of Figure Skates

Figure skates are a sport that has evolved as one of the most likeable sports these days. Ice skating has been a recreation form earlier, but over the period it has received awelcoming response from the people worldwide.

Just like any other sports figure skating has been divided into various forms to suit the interests of the skaters involved.
Types of figure skates
• Free skating
Free skating is the type of skate’s practice that most of the people are familiar with. It is a singlefreestyle competitive skates program that is done for theshort-term or long-term period. Also known a single skating, the skater performs various acts like jumping, dancing, spinning, footwork according to the music played in the background. This type of skating activity is freestyle and demands at least 12 -14 hours practice per week.
There are many clubs specially formed for this type of ice skates and provide privilege of taking part in competitions all around the world.
• Ice dance
Ice dancing is the form of ballroom dancing on the ice. They perform a dance on the music played in the background. The ice dance is done for both recreation and competition purposes. The dancers perform tangos, waltzes, foxtrots and other such popular dance forms. Over the period of time, ice dance has gained popularity, and people are overwhelmed to watch the show.

Traditionally ice dance is performed in pairs; however, solo dance styles are also performed these days.
• Pair skating
Pair skating is similar to freestyle figure skating; however, it is performed in pairs. A man and a woman team up to form a pair and perform jumps and spins, along with lifts and throws.
• Synchronized skates
A team of twelve to twenty skaters performs the synchronized skates together. The team performs patterns and skates together in unison.

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