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Points of interest of blackberry phantom

Nowadays the security and wellbeing of our information are turning out to be progressively imperative. Wholesale fraud is a quite undeniable issue. Defending our own data is an essential strive to ensure our protection. Also, guarantee that our touchy information can just by get to be approved people.

One among the ways we can ensure our put away information is to utilize encryption. Information encryption includes changing over data into figure content which can’t be perused devoid of admission to the encryption code. At this stage, information is inaccessible by people, companies, suit, and even powers. While most information breaks happen at some stage through the server trade. This is your top security against information burglary. Phantom Secure provides the main demonstrated, time-tried method for conveying safely, with encrypted PGP email. Our military evaluation encryption innovation guarantees that your private interchanges stay private.

What’s more, must be gotten to by your proposed beneficiaries. Shield your intrigues today and appreciate genuine significant serenity by joining the selective Blackberry Phantom system. The scrambled blackberry phantom ensures that your correspondence is protected. The most trusted worldwide interchanges benefit that offers genuine protection through an absolute end to end protected correspondence channel.

The administration is worldwide; this implies you can send boundless messages anyplace and at whatever moment. Your messages are scrambled before leaving your gadget and stay encrypted all through its whole transmission. 4096-piece keys are utilized to scramble. Messages must be gotten and unscrambled by the planned beneficiary.

No data with respect to your mail information are kept away from your device. Extra components, for example, lockbox, remote wipe, PSN-coded informing and phantom attendant are all division of this selective administration. Additionally, built-in is an encrypted Blackberry that is lightweight and strong. Phantom secure programming establishments are a decent choice in the event that you need to recover your lost cell phone.

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Keep cyber creeps at bay with blackberry phantom

It has been a fact that around 96% of the smart phones being sold over the counter has failed to meet the security needs of the sensitive data and personal information held by them. While smart phones market has substantially increased, meeting cyber threat challenges is largely unmet and is a matter of growing concern amongst the security ignorant consumers. Due to cyber proliferation spreading globally, many companies are devising robust and secured networking systems that not only safeguard a person’s handset but redefines mobile application strategy too.

blackberry phantom that formulates an encryption technique is a sure way of relief and is adopted by niche and top class executives all over the world to safeguard their high end communications stored in the phones. Phantom Secure-a Canada based company has been in the field of pgp encryption for over a decade now and has been instrumental in providing a fool proof security platform that ensures complete anonymity and complete control of all types of communication without even a single breach of security trust. It encrypts the entire data in a cypher text on your phone making it spy proof unless you are an authorized user and none of your messages, files or personal information is stored on the servers.

One can safely and easily communicate from one phantom phone to other as the encryption occurs on your handheld phone before any transmission and can be decoded only at the receiver’s device. There is very little chance of any cyber hacker to infect and seep through your data by any virus, malware or firewall penetration technique. With a round the clock service support, one can get even get a free reactivation instantly in case of theft of your device. Needless to say that with an impeccable track record of providing robust software to security seekers in phones today, Phantom Secure stands miles apart from other competitors.

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