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Dream big and make it happen with us!The leading invention development company!

From anything to everything that you can imagine existing in the world, we have got it all covered here at our company. So let the journey begin from idle to ideal! And we will be much happier if you do that With us , the Prototype House. With us just free yourself from the stress of designing your inventions or marketing them among the customers . Just let us do the best for you because you deserve that . From making some of your 3D files, making your first prototype , packing , and all across selling your product invention in the real world , we will do what you have always wished to do. We got it here at prototypehouse.com . We provide all sorts of product development services, ping us today and get to learn more about our company and talk live to our experts and moreover you can also talk to our designing , marketing and branding experts because we want the best for you . Moreover, we provide free consultations and we give an all round guide to you with all the information you need with your product.

You can trust us with the best in class industrial design ,engineering and intellectual property .We provide the best Patent Attorney Fort Lauderdale branding, marketing, prototyping and manufacturing. We go through all the stages to give to you nothing but the best !
After we have evaluated your project or product , we work on little alternations of the product to make it look and work best. We can provide working prototype boards and firmware based on your designs as well
We have clients that are spread all across the globe , you can surf our website and look for the customer feedback . Till now , we have designed 65 products and all of them are selling high j the market . Don’t wait more ! Sail the ship of your dreams with us !

mobile app developers in London:- Sup And Pic-o-gram, Clones of Whatsapp & Insta

In our social for everyone scheme, we have clones of popular social media apps. All of these clones are developed by our team of top app developers. Among these all clones, one is the Sup. which is the clone of WhatsApp. Another one is Pic-o-gram, which is the clone of Instagram. Both of them are clone scripts. Our mobile app developers team has developed both of these apps keeping in mind that users get fun, fun and a lot of fun. Let’s have a look at the features of both apps.

Sup is the clone of messaging app Whatsapp. Yes, Whatsapp is very popular. A huge number of people use WhatsApp on daily basis. Our team of mobile app developers developed this app as a clone of Whatsapp. It is similar to Whatsapp. Just a few customizations are made there by our app developers. Sup is currently available for Android platform. For IOS platform we are launching it soon. Also currently it lacks the features of WhatsApp like video and voice calling. But still, it is a good mobile app as WhatsApp cloning script.

The Next social media clone script app is Picogram. Yes, we are sure you have guessed from its name that with which app it is related. Yes, It related to and the clone of Instagram. Pic-o-gram is a nice clone script of Instagram. It is available for both Android and IOS platforms. The picogram is nice looking, beautiful, fast and a fun app also. Similarly like Instagram, In Picogram, you can take pictures, capture videos and share it with your friends and community. The good news is that it can share your posts directly on other social media platforms like Flickr, Instagram etc. Our team of mobile app developers has given its best to make this app a fun app for you.

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Home warranty- a plane that secures your pocket

We all attract towards a safe side in any manner, especially if we are buying any of the home product the first thing that we look is whether it is secured or not. No one is interested in paying lot after the purchase of a costly thing. So, it is good for you to with the home warranty ; this secures your home appliances. That means, for any of the appliances damage you don’t need to pay from your pocket. The company will pay for it if any damage occurs.

Thinking! Why are you in need of it?

Every day lots of expenses we use to face and on it one more expense get to add on it, then there you get stress. It makes your pocket empty; you need to pay there all you’re saving which you did for your future. But when you choose to go with the home warranties then there you can save your pocket money. Even you can also live stress-free life. If any of the major types of appliances get damage then there you only need to make a call that’s it. Else they will manage you only need to sit at your home.

Home warranty companies: how to choose the right company and right plan?

Somehow finding a right home warranty company and a right plan is really a tough decision that you have to make. The market is full of options regarding this terms. Lots of choices in front of you makes you confuse for sure.
Therefore, you should go with the American home shield reviews which are there on the site. There reviews help you in making the correct decision. Even though, it helps you in buying the right plan for the home warranty. There you can get the different option which is there in your budget. One more thing that you check on the sites is the rating of that site this makes prove beneficial for you

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