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How to compare betting offers

In the era of the online world clearly becoming more and more dominant over the real world, it is no wonder that almost everything has an e-version to refer to. Whether it is financial transactions or social networking or a platform for buyers and sellers to meet, virtual domain has it all. Hence, it is hardly a surprise that there are facilities which enable a person to place free bets through the online portals too. It is nowadays a common idea that one need not physically move to a betting center to place bets. Even the concept of placing a bet through a phone call is also a matter of yesteryears so fast has been the progress. But there are a few issues one faces. One such issue is finding the right source for online betting offers.

The issue
The problem is not a lack of sources; the problem is a plenty of sources to choose from. With so many online gambling offer options available, it is very easy for anyone to get confused and be lost in the process of deciding where to put one’s bet. The problem is to understand the estimated betting process and realize where one’s benefits would be most. But it is not an easy process since there are so many sites that offer free bets that it is difficult for an individual to keep track of everything.
The solution
Just as the problem originated from virtual world, the solution also exists in the same domain. There are several online forums that you could join which keep a track of all kinds of online betting offers and discuss about the pros and cons of all the offers. Additionally, you could also refer to websites that actually specialize in comparing the betting offers that are available in multiple websites in the online world.

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The Horse Racing Event You Wouldn’t Like to Skip

Melbourne Cup is an event that has hardly been unknown to the any horse racing fan across the globe which is a main annual thoroughbred horse race event in Australia that is held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne on first Tuesday of November every year in the afternoon. It is a 3200-meter race for three years old and over horses. It is one of the richest horse races in the world that is witnessed by millions of people and nearly every Australian wait to watch or listens to this racing event. In Australia, it is referred to as ‘The race that stops a nation’. The big money on the big horses makes this race a wonderful event of all times and for people who place wager on horse racing, this event has an additional charm.

History of this event

Thisis an old tradition in Australian history that was launched in 1861. The idea of this horse racing was created by Frederick Standish, a member of the Victorian Turf Club who called it as the Melbourne Cup. It started with a total distance that slightly differs from the present day 3200 meters because of adjustment in the metric system in 1972. The first event organized with just 17 horses, 4000 spectators and little prize money has now become the event with large number of horses and spectators to participate and watch respectively. The inaugural event was somewhat sorrowful because one out of seventeen horses was locked prior to start and three others fell during the race out of which two died. Several changes have been made in the race in the recent years. Melbourne Cup day is a public holiday in Melbourne and some parts of Victorian county.

Future of this event

The progress of this event year after year since 1861 is an explicit evidence of its popularity not only in Australia but other parts of the world. No doubt, this event will be the world’s top event in the coming times.

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