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Fortress armour manufactures body armour which is fully adjustable

A UK manufacturer, Fortress Armour is a well-known manufacturer of ballistic protection and body armour products. Ballistic protection in UK body armour and bulletproof vest make it different and unique. The armour that we manufacture is commonly known as stab vest or bulletproof vest because these are the terms mostly preferred by the general public. The leading bullet proof vest that we manufacture is a soft body armour package that comes with a knife and other ballistic protection. These are attached to the body armour in a fully adjustable concealed carrier.

We never sell re-conditioned body armour and our all the products are brand new. Fortress armour designs the best kind of UK body armour. Keeping in mind that it fits according to the shape of your body, it is made fully adjustable, thus also ensuring that your vital organs are protected. Our bulletproof vests are tested against a spike, gun, knife and needle strikes. We understand your concern when it comes to online transactions. Our website is secured using SSL technology and PayPal is responsible for handling the payments. We give our service all over the world.

Fortress Armour offers many categories in body armour. Carrier is one of its types. It is a UK body armour which is fully adjustable. It is manufactured to suit all the sizes and shapes with rear and front Velcro Panel. Its ballistic panel can accommodate the size of 10’’ x 12’’. The ballistic protection of this body armour has plates which measures 250 mm x 300 mm. This helps to protect your organs.
1. Black Skull – This body armour costs £29.95.
2. Green Skull – It costs £29.95.
3. Tan Skull – It costs £29.95.
4. Spartan Skull – It costs £29.95.

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