Snips or SnippingTool, the tool that allows you to create and edit screenshot windows

Through the use of the Windows 10 screen capture tool it will not matter what you want to share, if you die by sending the image of a video game you are playing to a friend or a window that was displayed in Your screen and other information you have on your desk, all this can be achieved at the moment. But if you want to save it as a file to save information, it will also be possible.

A good tool for screenshots is snipping or SnippingTool, as it is known in English. Although it is not a novelty introduced by Windows 10, what is a fact is that it incorporates and facilitates the way to take a screen capture in Windows 10 since it allows to copy all the screen, only a part, a specific window and including an irregular area that we have defined as of interest and that we can draw.

Once the image has been taken as screenshot windows 10, it is possible to paste it and share it via email or WhatsApp Web or save it as a file to safeguard the content or use it in a presentation or document that we are preparing.

If we work with several active windows at the same time we can even integrate them into a single image, creating edited screenshot windows, integrate into one the content of several of them. The windows 10 screenshot thus created, can also be saved or shared.

The screenshots are of different use, they allow us to save recipes for our personal use, products for sale online that interested us, ratings of our children that we obtained through the school website and many others, but they are also used in the transfer of information to co-workers or supervisors, between friends or in business relationships as evidence of transfers made or reports of billing systems. They have time for Windows users and they are here to stay.

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