Foul Smell, dark patches on roofs, discoloring of wallpapers and allergic symptoms?? Nothing other than Molds does this job perfectly… Molds belong to fungal kingdom. Moisture, humidity, darkness and oxygen enable the molds to grow faster. Certain types of molds grow on organic matters like dry leaves, plants, soil, wood and dead animals. They make their presence in groups called colonies. Indoor molds are found in areas around water sources, shower, ventilation ducts, walls and basement. Here are the easy ways to identify molds and examine mold inspection based on there color and textures:

Orange or Red Molds – Too often found in moist woods and plants performs the major role in decaying organic matters and they are harmless.
White Molds – Non Toxic by nature. It’s just an indication of Mold growth
Black or green Mold – Found in toilets and painted surface, Non-toxic by nature but leads to skin allergy, watery eyes, rashes and throat pain
Following are the types of Toxic Molds:
Stachybotrys (black mold) and Aspergillus are most common toxic molds found in food materials and air containing devices which cause following problems:
Severe Mental and Neurological Problems
Respiratory illness
Vision Eye related problems
Skin allergies Discomfort and tiredness
Illness related to reproductive and circulatory system.
Moldy smell and allergic symptoms confirms their presence hence mold inspection is performed by trained professional or mold testing services to identify molds in hidden and visible areas. Cost, services provided and good will in the market has to validate. Moisture meters and fiber optics is used to identify the mold traces.
When mold traces are suspected initial testing can be done by mold testing kid once the presence of is confirmed size and type of molds are identified by samples collected and tested. This will help to protect your home from serious damages. click here to get more information mold removal Georgia.

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