Incense sticks pros and cons

Incense sticks are used in various countries all over the world. The purpose of using incense sticks also increased widely. Especially in Asian countries, it is used for Pooja ceremonies, home, therapy, meditation etc. It also has a good demand in business, because of its low investment. Also, it involves limited supply of natural ingredients and advantage of using hands for rolling the sticks.

● Incense sticks give nice aroma and are used to eliminate bad odor around us.
● Added to that, it has antibacterial properties so burning these sticks can kill germs in air and helps us to live in pure environment. It also called as “Air Cleansers”
● On Religious note, it is used for prayers and meditations.
● Few Brands like stamford black incense sticks has many scents like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, Cedar, and Sage which is used for different purposes. Stamford blank incense is a big and popular name in this field.
1. Amber helps in elevating spirits and helps to do meditation.
2. Cinnamon Incense sticks are used for balancing emotions
3. Patchouli can be used for uplifting our souls
4. Cedar and Sage can be used to induce positive energy

Studies says, incense sticks and cones gives health risks. Over inhaling of its smoke gives respiratory ailments,allergies,inflammation of air passages in lungs. It is also compared to the adverse effects of Cigarette smoke.
– Mainly excess smoke causescoughing, headaches that leads to COPD and Asthma, even fatal diseases like respiratory cancers
– It also causes skin irritation and allergies in few people.
– Smoke coming from incense sticks are harmful to environment too. It causes air pollution which may cause hypersensitivity and neurological disorders.
– Though it gives fragrance, over inhaling of this makes the air toxic, causing cardio-vascular impairments.

The main cause of all these problems by incense sticks are due to the fact, that they are made from a combination of wood particles, oils and charcoal. When it is burnt, fumes created by it causes health problems similar to gases released from industries,factories,cars etc.

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