Hybrid TV – Predicted Trend of the Future

Internet protocol TV or iptv is rapidly emerging technology from the internet use which has gained fame in the recent time. It is new and growing. People see it from the angle of enhanced television viewing experience for its multiple benefits. The first core benefit which people find in its viewing is content watching of their own choice. The next core benefit is versatility in its viewing timing unlike other modes of TV viewing. You can watch programs of your choice at a time which is most appropriate for you. Thus, this way of watching TV offers more customized experience against all other modes of TV viewing which has appealed many people.

Why Its use is restricted?

IPTV is gaining popularity, but it has a few technological and legality limitations. Broadband width is the main concern. You can’t watch internet TV without a minimum bandwidth of 2 Mbps for SD content and 5 Mbps for HD content. Internet speed is not available or if available, not constant everywhere in the world and considerable part of population is deprived of its use because of non-availability of high-speed internet. Many new websites have developed for streaming internet TV, but their reliability is a big issue due to existence of illegitimate sites in this crowd. Watching internet TV can be a risky affair and those who understand it, don’t prefer this way. Traditional ways of watching TV is still prevailing and is usually risk free. So, people prefer it and internet TV is still facing controversy.

Future predictions

No doubt, IPTV has many advantages compared to its drawbacks and everyone is aware of these benefits, but satellite TV service is still considered as the best and recent way of watching TV by most people and this is not going to lose its popularity even internet TV gains acceptance from more users. The predictions are that future trend will be a blend or hybrid of both technologies which may be referred as hybrid TV.

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