How to identify original Id and Duplicate Id

If you want to pose yourself as other individual then you can do it just by generating a fake id. You are living with the advance technology so that you can generate anybody’s fake identity. With the little help of the advance technology you could be a scammer by creating duplicate Id. A nation needs long time for creating new Ids with the updated safety features and keep up with the technology. It is a difficult task to find out the real ID from the duplicates but it is possible. You can distinguish between the original one and duplicate one by using some techniques. Here are some tips that you can use for spotting the fake driving license.

Determine the difference: Government has defined a particular standard or format for the driving license. All the IDs are created in perfect or standard format. It is very rarely happen if any Id is not in Perfect format. Look at the license concisely and try to find the imperfection or difference. Look for letters on the license is fuzzy or hard to read or for a picture that is off center. None of the license has red eye in the driver’s picture.
Check the expiration date of license: for any license its expiry date is very important. The issuer is allowed to carry the license till the expiry date and required to renew it before passing the date.

Go with the security features of the license: There are many of the security features are available for any legitimate identification. It is better to use reference books for the specific license for which you are investigating. Confirm by yourself that all the security features which are mentioned in the reference book are present in license. These features are present in the form of a hologram.

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