How novices can start drawing at hen parties

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The best thing with hen party life drawing is that people who do not know how to draw are given the opportunity to draw something. Regardless of how rubbish your drawings are, you cannot be great at drawing a naked male or female model during your first attendance. The advantage with drawing is that it is something that takes a lot of practice. In the hen party, one does not have to show their drawings to anybody else apart from the teacher who constantly offers instructions and advise. When getting started, the most important step is to look closely at the person from various angles.
After examining the model very closely, the next step should be to do a quick thumbnail just to feel your way and do some sketches. It is advisable to set yourself tight durations and draw while at the same time keeping your eyes on the person in front of you. The thumbnail is important to have because it gives you a feeling of what you want to depict. It is also a great starting point for your final piece. There are so many hen do ideas a person might have, but starting with the basics is very important for people who do not know how to draw.
It is also essential that one should keep lose and simplify their drawings. Too much detail should be avoided as this can complicate things. In order to get better at drawing, it is best that one should try out different methods. Life drawing hen parties should be fun and this is why artists sometimes participate in hen do games after drawing. One can draw the model in front of them from any angle or any part of the body they wish. For example, one can start from the head and work themselves down to the feet.

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