How much a hair loss concealer cost?

Hair fibers are the best solution for hair loss. They are made from the real protein keratin, which is found in our hairs. These fibers adhere to hairs, create a fuller look and hide the bald spots. They give instant results but in order to see the actual full hairs head, one has to wait for 30 days. Here are few tips by which one can get the most from his hair loss concealer.

Apply it on dry hairs: In order to get optimum adhesion to air, you better apply it on dry hairs. If you use gel then make sure to use it before hair fiber. A better approach is to let to the gel dry otherwise it will not let the fiber adhere properly. As gel makes the hair thick so when you sprinkle the fibers they may not get to the roots.

Choose the best color: As this hair building fibers are available in variety of colors and you may like more than one once you see them all but make sure to choose the right one for yourself. The one, which actually looks good on you. You can also mix two colors to get the color of your choice. Like if you have dark blond hairs then try to mix light brown and medium blond to get a color like yours.

Apply the right amount: If you are using it for the first time then don’t forget to read its instructions. There you will find the amount you need to apply. For natural looking hairs, you don’t have to use too much because if you do, your hairs won’t look natural. You can also find the other people videos about how to use and how much to use on YouTube. So don’t use it more than you find on instructions otherwise you may regret.

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