How electronic cigarette works?

The mode of action of electronic or vapor cigarette is very different from tobacco cigarette. In traditional cigarettes external lighting source is used to burn tobacco and release the smoke. In vapor cigarettes battery powered device is used to ignite the nicotine liquid and convert the liquid to a vapor. The user inhales this vapor to enjoy sensation of smoking. Hence the mode of action of vapor cigarette is very simple and easy than tobacco cigarettes. The most important parts of e cig include

• A cartridge

• A rechargeable battery

• A vaporization chamber

The lithium battery is very durable and reliable and it can be charged anytime with the help of charger. There is a connection between battery and vaporization chamber. The function of battery is only to ignite the liquid nicotine present in cartridge. There are three levels of nicotine strengths, zero, moderate and high level. The tip of the cartridge also acts as mouthpiece for smoker. The nicotine liquid converts into vapor and user inhale these vapors. The vapors of electric cigarette are safe for lungs and other parts. The smoker can use the vapor cigarette anytime and anywhere in the world.

It is reported that users of e cigarette are increasing in the whole world due to its immense benefits. It allows the smoker to enjoy more flavors and nicotine levels. It requires only initial investment to purchase this electronic device and you can use it for a long period of time. It is very simple to quit smoking habit with the help of electronic and vapor cigarettes. If you want to quit smoking, you just need to switch to electronic cigarette for this purpose. It helps to reduce the severity of withdrawal signs and symptoms. Hence it is a best decision to choose electronic cigarette.

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