How Dr Brown Fles Can Help Infant Health And Nutrition

According to statistics, bottle-fed babies are, in general, heavier than their breastfed counterparts. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are healthier. A lot of factors can affect bottle-fed infants’ health and nutrition. Most parents focus primarily on the quality of milk formula, while the type of baby bottle is often overlooked. What most don’t realize is that a subpar baby bottle is the usual cause of common ailments bottle-fed babies face: colic, burping, gas and spit-up. A good milk bottle like Dr brown fles will help alleviate these symptoms.

Regular milk bottles do not have any ventilation, making the ingestion of air bubbles inevitable. Bottles with proper airflow control, such as Dr brown fles, eliminate these problems. This particular bottle’s design features a two-piece internal ventilation system. When an infant feeds from a regular bottle, the tendency is to create a vacuum inside because there’s nowhere for the extra air to go. The milk becomes aerated. This air is then ingested by the infant and it creates a myriad of ailments parents are all too familiar with. Further, these air bubbles can drastically change your milk’s nutrient content.

Airflow or exposure to oxygen can also affect the quality of your milk. Regardless if you feed the infant top-shelf formula, oxygen can decrease vitamin levels in the milk within a 20-minute period. This is especially true if the milk is inside a bottle with an inordinate amount of air. Dr brown fles Natural Flow prevents air bubbles from forming as the infant drinks the milk. Less exposure to oxygen means the milk preserves the necessary vitamins – specifically vitamins A, E and C, which are more susceptible to air-contact deterioration. Apart from preserving vitamins, it also preserves fat – a nutrient that comprises a huge percentage of milk. Fat areenergy and all infants need an optimum amount of energy to grow properly. This is why, when considering your infant’s nutrition, you should not only consider the quality of your milk formula but your baby bottle as well.

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