Facts about Samurai sword and how it evolved

The Japanese Samurai in the feudal Japan employed samurai sword. The specialty of theses swords is that they have curved long blades with a long grip area to accommodate both the hands. These were used during wars and to perform Marshall Arts. These are not casual weapons used or bought easily. Due to the superior craftsmanship and quality of blade used in the sword, these swords start ranging from US$4000 and above. The more superior blade the cost will be higher. Cheaper ones that you might find in markets are obviously unauthentic products. You are highly recommended not to buy such duplicate items.

How is a katana made?
There has been a saying that Samurai’s sword was very close to his heart rather his soul. So it is quite obvious that this sword was made with much care and art. It is a great art of work to make these katana swords. Years of craftsmanship are needed to weld these swords. Following are some basic information how these swords are made:
• Melting of a real steal at 2,500 C. The quality of steel used is about 50 times superior to the steel which is used today.
• Carbon is dissolved.
• Then the impurities are removed.
• The sword is then forged at high degree temperature. This step needs real skills to shape the sword to the actual form.
• Then the shaped sword is coated with clay and charcoal powder mixture.
• The blades are then carved and polished.
• Finally, the final touches are made by adding the handles and grips.
Why are these swords curved?
You will find various shops in the market that had put on cheap samurai sword for sale. As these are duplicate products, you will find none of the swords is curved. The reason behind the curviness is that they are slicing weapons. They are welded in this way to use the sharpness of the blade.