Create your own customized Ark server list

The ark game was released on 29th August 2017 by Studio Wildcard. Steam was allowing pre-booking and buying early access of this game since past 2 years and now hosting links to many Ark Server List links in community. Now it is available on leading gaming platforms including Xbox, Windows operating systems, Mac etc. The game starts with introducing you as a naked survivor freezing to death on an island named ARK. You possess nothing but your skills to play and cunning eyesight. You can use natural resources around you to craft required items for surviving, fighting and progressing in this competitive game.

The feature of fighting with, along and on dinosaurs and other deadly predators made this game full of action and adventure. This is also the part which attracted most ark server list players to fight and dominate the ranking. It has not been even 2 months since the release and an enormous number of players, communities, servers, hubs are hosting the game. Few regions started hosting ark game championship as the game now has 2v2 and even a 4vs4 battle option in limited 11000 unit area radius map.

Currently, most popular feature of the game is its capability to play multiplayer mode in just awesome way as the single player mode. It sometimes reminds us of Dota 2 and counter strike global offensive concept. You can choose a dedicated server from ark server list to start with. You can even key-in the IP address of your favorite ark server and connect to it. As you will progress in game and play on various servers, you will find few lovable things at some servers. You can bookmark these great servers by adding them to your favorites list. This way you can create your own customized list of ark servers.

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