Comparing the Authentic Firefly Vaporizer to the Firefly 2

Technology has become more present in all our device now. Doing everything to shutting your blinds from feeding your pet are now able to be performed out of your phone and recently released this technical shift is being appropriated by high end vaporizers. Smart phone programs and Bluetooth integration from which these vaporizers may be controlled are becoming the standard. But are these smart vapes do the benefits outweigh the expense and creating better quality vapor than their forerunners?

First Firefly (left) Firefly 2 (right)
To answer these questions we’re definitely going to be comparing the Original Firefly Vaporizer to the firefly 2 vaporizer
Both Firefly 2 and the initial Firefly Vaporizer were designed in San Francisco by Sasha Robinson Williams a former Apple Design Engineer, and Mark Williams.
Nevertheless, you WOn’t get the Apple esque influence in the Initial Firefly as you do in the Firefly 2. This makes for an excellent comparison in the “straightforward vape” versus “smart vape” evaluation.
The Appearance –Now while the appearance does not change function (per se) it may be an aspect that you consider significant.
First Firefly Vaporizer
The first Firefly is a slick portable vaporizer that is looking on demand — it seems hot. Something of a table piece which match nicely using a bottle of wine and given it’s heavy weight for a portable vaporizer it also can double as a paper weight It’s a vaporizer and an item of art, a whole lot more appealing to theeye than other vaporizers, to range from the Firefly 2.

The firefly 2 vaporizer is a good looking device, but more in the way a technology product that is new is trendy. The thin & lightweight outside of it is constructed more for function. The underbelly on the Firefly 2 is exactly the same colour a plain gray, on each and every Firefly 2. This really might be a gain for the Firefly 2s look by investing in another colour cover and voila, as you simply need to alter the top cover, you finally have a colour that is different Firefly 2.

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