Clash Royale: How to Spend Your Gem to Get the Best Value

The main problem in the game when it can not come to real gameplay is “How should I spend my Gem in Clash Royale?” As you most likely know already, Gems will be the premium currency in the game plus they are incredibly hard to gather: you usually have to cover in order to get them, but you’ll also get miniature numbers from opening special chests, such as the free chests rewarded every 4 hours or the Crown Chest as you are able to unlock every 24 hours. Thus, having in mind that it’s so hard to get these cards, itis a good thought to understand just how to spend them to get the most out of them.

After I first began, I spent all the free gems that I ‘d on rushing Silver chests, because that looked like the best thing to do… and that’s what probably most of the people believe. Nevertheless, I do consider now that using the Gem to run the opening times particularly Silver chests, of Torsos, is an entire waste of gems. And in order to ensure that you simply will not do the same error that I did when I first began, or you might still do it now, I determined to write this guide on how to spend your gems in Clash Royale in order to really get the biggest bang for your dollar.
So… what is the best way to pay your gems?
As unique as spending the hard earned gems to buy Gold, it may seem odd for me personally to advocate something, but I do believe that is the most effective option for you personally and it also gives you more control over matters. It’s simple, and here is the reason you ought to spend Gem to buy gold (and just how much to buy):
First of all, either buy or wait before you’ve 500 Gem using generateur clash royal, which provides the most effective value at 10,000 in my opinion Gold for 500 Gem. The Wagon of gold is insanely pricey and only offers you a 500 gems reduction, which can be not that much if you consider how much you’ve to spend to get it…