Check Out What You Get In Paket Tour Raja Ampat

Situated to the north-west of the Indonesian Archipelago, Raja Ampat is a paradise on earth. If you are a truetraveler, then you are not an ignorant of this beautiful place. Rich in underwater life, incredible wildlife and dense forest, this place is warm and friendly. In order to explore this place broadly, you can take various Paket tour king ampat (Paket tour raja ampat online.

Paket tour Raja Ampat
There are various paket tour raja ampat so that you can explore every corner of the island. As Raja Ampat is a combination of various islands, you get to explore the beauty of each area with a guided tour.
What is included in the package?
Regardless of what tour you take out of the listed ones, you can explore the beauty of the place.
• Misool tour
• Pianemo
• Wayag
Transportation tour
Each tour includes the transportation, irrespective of what mode it is. You are required to take a boat ride to cross the ocean to reach the Misool Island or Wayag. You get a crossover via flight and followed by boat rides and steamers.
Culinary tour
Each tour takes care to give the travelers a chance to explore their area of interest. You are given a culinary tour and get a chance to taste the variety of Indonesian and seafood of the island. After a tiring boat ride, you get to feast on the delicacies of Papua.

The islands have fascinating water sports which you cannot miss as a traveler. Not only you get to explore the sea but also check out the lively underwater creatures. Wayag islands are considered one of the best dive spots in the world. Hence, if you have are adventurous and do not want to miss anything, try out the activities in the packaged tours.
Apart from all the fun part, you are guided by the historical culture and heritage in the paket tour raja ampat. Thus, you will definitely not miss out on any part of the exotic island.

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