Benefits of carrageenan in treating flu and common cold problems

Carrageenan is an useful seaweed used in many food as additives. Not much is known about this additive but with time its use and health benefits are becoming clearer. There are numerous studies conducted about carrageenan and amazing facts are coming up. The most important benefits of carrageenan which was found recently is that its antiviral properties. This is one useful feature which makes carrageenan an useful food thickener. What’s more exciting to know about this property makes it useful ingredient in almost all nasal sprays. Carrageenan is useful additive found in many food items, these new health benefits are making it even more popular.

There are several benefits of carrageenan and one such is its ability to adhere directly to viruses. This feature helps in preventing it from attaching with the nasal wall. Proper use of carrageenan will effectively limit the ability of viruses to propagate. It’s not the end, there are still studies conducted in different places around the world to get useful benefits of this seaweed. In a separate study it was found that carrageenan based nasal sprays which are available in the market might be effective in treating influenza and other related problems. Start using this spray and you can start feeling the difference within few days time.
Apart from the above mentioned benefits of carrageenan another promising aspect of carrageenan is that its effectiveness in treating common cold problems. Many around the world suffer from common cold virus and to treat the problem you can use carrageenan. Seeing these wide ranges of health benefits carrageenan is finding wide use in many nasal sprays. There are different brands of nasal sprays coming up in the market; carrageenan is one ingredient which will remain the same. Learn many more useful features about this seaweed from genuine online portals.

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